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Release date:
January 23, 2017

Steam (PC/Mac)
itch.io (PC/Mac)



Explore a steam-powered ancient Greece as Artemis' Arktos, her chosen bear warrior, on a mythological quest of technology and magic. In this turn-based tactics RPG, you’ll rewrite the history of an ancient Greece transformed by an industrial revolution. Customize your party's skills and navigate a labyrinthine storyline where your choices affect the path you take, the battles you fight, and the allies you meet along the way.


Hellenica has been in development since late 2013. Check out our dev blog down below under Additional Links to see how it has evolved since then!


  • Old-school tactics combat, enhanced - Familiar Tactics mechanics coupled with pushing, tossing, bouncing, and obstacles. A new battle system that encourages experimentation and careful planning with an interface simple enough for players new to the genre.
  • Unique steampunk world - See how an industrial revolution transformed the cultures of ancient Greece. From the luddite mobs threatening Athenian democracy to the great railroad of Thebes, Hellenica brings steamwork wonders to a brand new setting.
  • Reimagined history of ancient Greece - Help Plato and Socrates maintain order in an Athens shaken by change, fight alongside the technologically augmented king of Sparta against rebels committed to tradition, or join Cyrus the Persian prince on a quest to liberate his people.
  • Customizable party abilities - Unlock party abilities and customize your load out before each battle. Abilities never grow obsolete, but instead provide new tactical options for every situation.
  • Labyrinthine branching story - Live multiple lives, making different choices and exploring different facets of the world. Will you seek guidance from the Oracle or form an alliance with a shadowy network of spies? Stow away on a pirate vessel or follow a mysterious foreigner? Investigate a rebellion in Sparta or seek the aid of the enigmatic enchantress, Circe?
  • Custom narrative experience - Thousands of custom dialog lines ensure that characters recognize and respond to the actions you've taken on each of the paths through Hellenica’s story.
  • No pants - They weren't even invented yet!


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Dev Blog
Read about the development of Hellenica at thedragonloft.blogspot.com.

Hellenica Discord
Join the discussion and catch announcements at discord.gg.

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Hellenica Credits

Kurt Loidl
Co-creator, The Dragonloft

Victor Cepeda IV
Co-creator, The Dragonloft

Andrea Roberts
Art & design, Freelance

Siobhan Gallagher
Story & dialogue, Freelance

Daniel Thomas
Location art, Freelance

Character art, Freelance

Valery Kim
Pixel art, Freelance

Mark Paulik
Logo & maps, Freelance

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